A Recap

To the more than 500 people who looked over my post, and to the many of you who offered feedback via Facebook or personally, thanks a lot. This article in the Albany Times Union does a brilliant job of summarizing the impact that Steve was able to make without meeting even meeting people.

Steve will be buried this morning, and though I can’t make it to Pennsylvania, I’ll be thinking about him.

Thanks also to WRGW, who devoted their pre-game show last night to him. You can listen to it here or direct download.

Last night, we had a moment of silence for him at the GW women’s basketball against Auburn. I think it’s fitting that it was a women’s game – although he was incredibly passionate about both teams, NOBODY knew more about GW women’s hoops than him. We used this image below. Even when there weren’t others in the stands, he was there:

Thanks again everybody. It’s felt pretty great to be writing again, and, instead of trying to focus on sports, social media and politics and their convergence, I’m going to just sort of write anything and everything that I hope you might find useful. I hope you’ll come back some time.


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