Matt Millen: Football Expert?

Please Mr. Millen, enlighten us

Please Mr. Millen, enlighten us

Can somebody please explain what makes Matt Millen worthy of being a football analyst on NBC?  During the playoffs?  He doesn’t have a clue what it means to make the playoffs as the former GM of the Detroit Lions.  You know, those 0-16 Detroit Lions that he put together.

I understand that everyone says they love Matt Millen.  Chris Berman’s go-to line “We didn’t want this to happen” comes to mind. He could very well be a great guy, but his credibility?  How about nil.

It frustrates me, most of all because of the fact that people with aspirations for sports broadcasting and analysis are shut out by former players and executives who sucked at their jobs (I’m talking about you, Steve Phillips). Just because some of us decided to stick to the books (or, better yet, actually practicing our broadcasting and analysis chops) in college does not mean that we are unqualified for broadcast futures. What is already a small window of opportunity becomes even smaller when men and women who are remarkably qualified but terrible on camera (e.g. Bobby Knight) are given the chance to show us their best deer-in-in-the-headlights on worldwide leader.

Do you think that Bob Costas walked into the studio, saw Millen, and said “What the [hell] are you doing here?” I hope so.


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  1. […] appearance yesterday on NBC by former Lions’ exec. Matt Millen.  David Earl at Softer Power expresses the feelings of many.  Millen’s appearance wasn’t a big deal for me.  He was pretty good as an analyst in […]

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