Hello, 2009: Resolutions

So I’ve been thoughtful about my goals. Having just graduated, there’s the real risk of becoming stagnant. Just like when I graduated high school and was no longer compelled by practice to get in shape, I fear becoming mentally flabby. This year is the first year in some time that I’m going to write and publish my resolutions, in the hopes that maybe it’ll compel me to be more diligent in getting it done.  So, here they are:

Health and Wellness Resolutions:

– Run at least 500 miles over the year (just under ten miles a week).

– Successfully execute (and maintain) the plan for a hundred pushups

– Cook a new (generally healthy) recipe a week

– Bike to Mount Vernon, Va.

Keeping the Mind Sharp Resolutions:

– Learn Spanish on the cheap

– Read at least one book a month

– keep on top of the news

– Join a book club

Career Resolutions:

– Learn HTML

– Be consistent with the blog

– Cultivate my network

Life Resolutions:

– Take more pictures, get a flickr account going

– Use my netflix more

– Find a go-to bar

– Seek happiness – stop thinking about why things are bad, pursue the good.

– Get involved in Sigma chi and George Washington Alumni Events

– Thank people more

– Stick to the budget

Those are the resolutions for the year.  I’m going to revisit them from time to time and see how they go.  What are yours?  Do you have any suggestions?


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