Hello, 2009

So with the BCS (blech) bowls having almost as many surprises (Ole Miss over Texas Tech and Utah with a 21-3 lead right now) as obnoxious mentions of corporate sponsors, I think now’s a good time to reflect on 2008 and to look ahead.  I’m going to tackle these facets of life and distraction in six parts:


-Music that shaped my year

-sports moments and moments to come

-The fads I got caught up in

-The District of Columbia

-And, finally, politics.

I might touch on movies and my netflix queue if I feel so inspired.  I’ll make sure to have the resolutions post up here late tonight, but in the meantime, suggested reading from the past few weeks:

-The Onion’s humor in advance of Bush’s inauguration now reads like what Nostradamus would only dream of

-State Department’s Colleen Graffy on Twitter as a tool of diplomacy.  You can check out her feed here.

-A fascinating blog about what life is like right now for Palestinians both in the United States and in Gaza and how Israel is making sure that they control the media frame.

-The best argument for College Football playoff that I’ve seen in a long time

Much to blog about with the influx of free time – enjoy.


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