Reason #1 to hate the Yankees…

… Especially if you like the Mets.

Mets sign Francisco Rodriguez to a great contract (especially considering recent flops like, well, the last three closers the Mets have had), and the Yankees steal all potential press by announcing that they’ve signed C.C. Sabathia. Now, the Yanks are already a good team, if not a great one, who for nearly a decade haven’t really been able to flip the right switches. I’ve blamed it on Joe Torre, now I think that Girardi’s on the hot seat starting this season. If the Yanks do sign any combination of Lowe, Burnett, and Manny (MANNY?!?!), then Girardi has to be fired for not winning 100 games.

Anyway, thanks a whole lot of stealing the Metropolitan thunder, Bombers. It’s all about your stadium, your players, your drama, etc. Give the Mets a few hours in the sun!


2 Responses to Reason #1 to hate the Yankees…

  1. Shane Bertou says:

    The potential for success and disaster are both huge – C.C. Sabathia huge!

    • dtearl says:

      Indeed he is. I think he’s going to be great for New York, I’m curious to see how New York will be for him. How will he handle a bad start in April and being ripped apart on the back page of the Post?

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