Finals Loom, But…

With papers and finals lingering, I have way too little time to really be working on this new little project, but I will note that the corruption scandal surrounding Gov. Blagojevich, seems more familiar than it does disgusting.  Perhaps being a New Jersey resident, who has watched Charles Kushner, James McGreevy (who I still can’t believe was so successful after announcing he was resigning… His “truth” was much more than his being “a gay American”) , and a whole host of other issues in the state.  I mean, really, in the span of what was just one year, the governor, who tried to appoint an Israeli poet and lover as Homeland Security Advisor despite no credentials and an inability to get into meetings with the FBI and a top fundraiser in Kushner who paid a prostitute to have sex with his brother-in-law, in order to mail the tape from a hidden camera to his sister?

And someone putting up a Senate seat for auction is unheard of?

We can be hopeful that politicians across the country feel they’re on notice.   I fear, however, that more people feel like kindred spirits than appalled observers in when staring at a scorned and shamed Illinois governor, especially in the Dirty Jerz.


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